Powder- and liquid-based painting plants, ovens and paint booths, custom made for you: from design to maintenance, ACF is here.

Industrial painting, as all people working in the field know, requires top-level plants and equipment for both the aesthetic and quality goals that the customers require and for a real improvement in production times and costs to be obtained on every project, from the smallest to the most complex.

ACF designs, builds and installs automatic and manual complete spray painting lines, both powder- and liquid-based, including ovens and paint booths, for all kinds of products, from aluminium profiles to faucets, from box springs to bicycle frames. We design and install every part of the painting plant, from pre-treatment to spray-painting lines to ovens, including custom-made single- or double-rail aerial lines built to satisfy each customer’s specific needs The result? Efficient, simple, and truly sturdy spray-painting lines, offered to painting Industries all over the world at strongly competitive prices.

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