Disassembling, verifying, reconditioning and transferring a used spray-painting line so that it can be installed in a new industrial plant: ACF makes it all easy and safe!

For many reasons – usually tied to budget – a Company may be looking for a second-hand automated spray-painting line. And in very much the same way, it’s not rare for an industrial painting company – due to ceasing operations, or to buying a new and bigger plant – to want to put their used automated spray-painting line on the market. However, while this might look like an ideal situation for both parties, a need arises for the whole line to be disassembled, transferred and reassembled without hitches, often with a partial or total reconditioning and substitution of worn mechanical parts, in order to guarantee satisying operation upon re-installation.

ACF regularly operates as an intermediary in this kind of transaction, helping Companies find top quality second hand automated spray-painting lines, and directly follows all disassembly and reassembly operations, furthermore managing line reconditioning where needed and complete installation on the new premises, with the same care and competence we apply for newly built lines.

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