Here are a few of the most interesting, complex, or simply strange projects we’ve taken care of for our customers. But every job is special to us: tomorrow, your own plant might be on this list!

The transforming plant

A customer in Saudi Arabia painted very different articles: they dealt in aluminium profiles, steel bars, and electric switchboards. No standard plant could operate satisfyingly on such differently sized and shaped pieces; for this reason, we built a painting line for standard 6-meter profiles, modified to allow for 8-meter bar processing as well, complete with pre-treatment vats for iron and aluminium, and equipped with a separate backdoor on the painting booth to allow for painting both kinds of articles with the same ease.

Next cabin, we switch!

A customer who manufactures piston shafts required two separate painting booths on separate tracks. For this Company, we manufactured a monorail track with a double circuit, equipped with a switcher to allow for pieces to be sent along one of the two possible tracks and to the right booth, just like a train switch.

Waste not, want not

A customer of ours has a constant residue of hot dielectric oil from his work process. To take advantage from this situation, we custom-built a recycling system for that oil specifically for his Company, so that oil is now driven to heat-exchangers and helps with heating the iron pre-treatment vats and the painting oven. And nothing goes to waste!

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