Complete, sturdy spray-painting lines, designed for your Company’s specific needs: working with ACF means robustness and customization at the right price.

ACF entirely follows the manufacturing process of each spray-painting plant we offer our customers, starting from the design phase. This allows us to offer something unique to everyone who chooses to do business with us: the opportunity to buy an industrial plant built to specifically answer those needs that are unique to each different operative and business situation. Basing our work on the actual, day-to-day situation of our customer – production goals and volumes, work shifts, kind of pieces being painted, and available space – we design a plant that can really bring the greatest tangible advantage to your Company’s results

But beside this customization we’re so proud of, our work is based upon another rule that’s just as vital: robustness. Spray-painting lines have a purpose, and it’s not appearing efficient: it’s being efficient, just as it’s not showing off the latest technology, but exploiting the available devices and technological solutions that can actually guarantee a long-lasting, intense life to the plant itself. And all of this, of course, while keeping a strongly competitive pricing level, especially when compared with our plants’ long work life.

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