Installation and startup are a critical phase for a new spray-painting line: ACF is at your side every step of the way, to make everything work as intended.

The installation of a new spray.painting line requires particular attention, both from a mechanical and a human resources standpoint. If on one hand it is necessary for the practical implementation of the whole design to be correctly brought on, so that results can be obtained, on the other hand it is critical for the operators who will be working with the plant itself to know its characteristics and functioning, and maintenance procedures in depth.

ACF is equipped to handle assembly of all painting lines at the customer’s premises, through a team of specialized technicians. Once on-site assembly is completed, those same technicians will proceed to thoroughly test every function of the automated painting line, to verify correct operation in every part, and finally provide specific instruction to the Customer’s operators who will be working on the line itself, so that they can work correctly and with the desired results.

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